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Arcadia Toolkit

Our eLearning universe is based around the Alpha Colony on planet Mars, providing scenarios and exercises to help apply new learning.

For this we have synthesised SkySpark training data for our very own Arcadia Project.

SkySpark Engineer Use our custom software connector and ready-made Axon rule functions Load the full project of training data - or data from any stage of the training course

SkySpark Viewbuilder Load the full Arcadia Project training data and ready-made Axon view functions Access "Kira's Reports", an app with the full suite of completed training views

All of this is available in one handy (free) SkySpark application - the Arcadia Toolkit.


To use the Arcadia Toolkit, you must have:

a new empty SkySpark project Admin level access to the project a spare SkySpark licence capacity of just 10 points

Detailed instructions on use are provided in the app.


Installation of the Arcadia Toolkit has never been easier!

Within your own training instance of SkySpark:

Create a new empty project named "arcadia"

Open the Shell View of the Tools App

Copy / paste the Axon script below


Refresh the browser page

Open the newly installed Arcadia Toolkit App

(The Arcadia Toolkit and all related data may be deleted at any time.)

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